Design/Build Garden Construction

We have embraced technology to help us to become as efficient as possible while delivering the highest level of customer service to our clients.

Evernote® is a powerful tool which allows us to share all of a projects information in a format that is very easy to use and access from any device.  Our clients have access to everything related to their project as close as the smart phone in their pocket.

Combining our mastery of  Evernote® and Certification as an Evernote® Community Leader and Evernote® Expert with the addition of our Certification in the cloud based project management software of Smartsheet®,  our clients, vendors and ourselves know exactly when, where and how a project workflow is laid out for the most efficient garden construction project.

Embracing Technology to Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Garden Maintenance

If a garden is designed and installed correctly, a knowledgeable staff will be able to provide timely seasonal maintenance in an efficient manner. 

When plants are installed with the appropriate spacing and in the right soil and sun conditions, they will thrive and require minimal maintenance throughout the growing season.

Proper plant placement allows us to provide characteristic pruning vs. the typical aggressive shearing commonly used because plants are too close together, which is is harmful to most plant material.

We develop a season long maintenance plan which is shared with the homeowners through our web based project management software which provides the schedule, links to products used during the garden maintenance as well as an area for our comments during each site visit.

This program also allows us to easily adjust schedules due to weather related events and client's needs.  Once a week each client will get an automatically generated email if there are any changes, additions or updates to the garden maintenance schedule.

Garden Design and Construction

We feel in order to design a great garden, you need to combine that with extensive hands on experience in constructing gardens.  And that experience is developed through decades of walking through nurseries to learn how to select the best plants and locate the best growers,  visiting quarry after quarry to learn what stone is available and best suited for your project and installing perennials on your hands and knees in July with the sun beating down on the brim of your hat.

Working with and developing strong relationships with a select group of vendors,  insures we obtain the best value for our clients which includes direct to site material delivery (which eliminates excess handling) and consistent quality.

It is when you understand the characteristics and growth patterns of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses and how to set boulders to look as if they have always been part of the site along with the effects proper LED lighting have to enhance the garden, that you can truly begin to design a unique garden. 

And if you are able to embrace technology which creates the highest level of efficiency and communication for ourselves, the client and our vendors, each and every project will be delivered on time and on budget.

Garden Services