Design/Build Garden Construction

MKEGreenworks is a design/build garden construction company whose partners take over 60 years of horticultural knowledge and expertise and blend that with today's technology to create and provide unique gardens for each and every client while providing unmatched customer service.


The launch of our company here in Southeast Wisconsin in 2010 is a return to our roots in the midwest after having built and successfully operated a design/build garden construction company on the east coast for 20 years.  The passing of my sister here in the midwest at a much too young age, prompted us to sell our business in Pennsylvania and move back to the midwest and reestablish ourselves and continue our passion for working with our clients, while being closer to family.


We chose the Metro Milwaukee area because of the proximity to our family, Lake Michigan for sailing and the Interurban Bike Trail which would allow us to easily put 50-100 miles a week on our road bikes and finally, the great opportunities Southeast Wisconsin would afford our business. 


We want to thank those clients who have embraced us and our passion to design, build and maintain gardens for them while providing the highest level of customer service. 


Our company is small by choice which allows us to be extremely efficient, a function of our commitment to the lean management principles established by Edward Deming which we have followed for the last 25 years.  Technology plays a key part in the day to day operation of our company, project management and interactive communication with our clients. 


Thank you in advance for the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with you about your next project.



Company Profile

MKEGreenworks LLC


Founded: 2010


Glenn Rieker

Bachelor of Science Landscape Architecture


Cheryl Rieker

MBWA Professional Gardener

Our journey...............

In the early years, our friends and clients asked us why we used the term garden construction instead of landscape construction and after a lot of thought the easiest way to explain our approach is this " You look at landscaping, but you experience a garden".

We want to truly listen to the clients, walk the property, look at the garden from the inside of the residence and then work through the design and installation process with the clients to ultimately transfer their thoughts to a unique, low maintenance garden which will be enjoyed throughout the season, day or night. 

A successful garden is in the details.........